ULIA President rally members to support students on Internship

ULIA President rally members to support students on Internship

ULIA president has rallied for the call to support internship placement for students. This came at the time when Students (mostly in 2nd year) are expected to get an organized and reputable institution from where they will undertake the field attachment training. The internship is a field-based attachment and/or engagement that a student undertakes from which the student is graded and the awarded marks form part of the final Cumulative Grade Points Average (CGPA) scores at the University.

Mr Francis Ekwaro, the President ULIA, issued the clarion call issued via Whatsapp attracted running responses from ULIA members at different levels in different settings. in addition, responses also provided guidance on how to apply to the respective institutions – mostly through the HR department.

Urgent Intership Places Needed: Dear LIS Professionals, If you have some Intership Place(s), let us know immediately. We have BLIS students from Kyambogo University ready to start Internship immediately.  – Call from the ULIA president.

Responses were sampled as below to give the reflective overview as below:

During the internship, students are exposed to the practical field experience from which they apply the lecture room theoretical knowledge to the practice of solving problems and providing services to the clients.

Over time, LIS as a field has been a wide area of practice that has seen students get placements in different institutions and established settings. Places such as government ministries, agencies and departments; institutions of higher learning, banks, legal firms, local and international NGOs, business entities, hospitals, churches, both local and international pre-primary, primary and post-primary schools, to mention a few. Because of the versatility of LIS course structure, students attached to such places have developed practical skills and also in the process, gained inspiration in the areas of communication, library science, information sciences, data analysis, records and archives management, and museum management, computer programming & hardware repairs among others.

ULIA promises to continue to source out for opportunities as a way of consolidating the power of the Association to the benefit of the members and the society as is the passion that resonates in the LIS field to provide information from which informed decision is made for progress and development.

The ULIA Executive, therefore, calls on members and stakeholders with access to opportunities – study, job, training etc. to contact ULIA Secretariat through the official email: info@ulia.or.ug and the opportunities shall be shared with the LIS fraternity and the world using known Association’s website and social media platforms.

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