Individual Membership

  • Professional membership; For Librarians, Records specialists, Archivists, publishing specialists, Documentalists, Museum specialists, Genealogists, information scientists, Curators and any of those with bachelor’s degree in LIS as specified in article 1 f(iii) of the ULIA constitution. An annual membership subscription fee
  • Students membership; for student training any of the LIS professional courses in Library and Information science, Records & Archives Studies, Museum Studies, publishing, Information technology and related studies.
  • Para-professional members; persons with qualifications below the bachelor’s degree in any LIS professional areas as specified in article 1 (iii).
  • Honorary membership; For persons who shall become an honorary member by majority votes at the AGM. These members do not participate in the election of the Association leadership.
  • Life membership; these are identified or can apply to NEC and be presented to AGM/SGM for ratification based on their distinguished services in LIS field. Distinguished services include the number of years served in the profession, substantial contribution to the LIS profession in addition to payment of a fee equivalent to 50 currency points subject to changes by the AGM/SGM.
  • Associate Members; This category is for any person who is interested in the LIS profession in Uganda, on payment of a membership fee to be determined from time to time.